Are you planning to start digital marketing for your business but not sure where to start? Here are 12 ways that can help jump start digital marketing for small business.

12 Top Digital Marketing tips for Small Businesses

  1. Optimize your website for desktop and mobile
  2. Optimize for Search Engine
  3. Implement Link Building Activities
  4. Create a Google My Business listing
  5. Research your Competitors
  6. Invest in local marketing
  7. Include Content marketing into your SEO strategy
  8. Find the social media channel that’s best suited for your business
  9. Encourage customers to leave online reviews
  10. Consider Google Ads for Your Small Business
  11. Create Professional Visual Content for Social Media
  12. Develop Email Marketing

Digital Marketing has opened a whole new marketing space for small businesses. The barriers of entry have minimized compared to traditional marketing techniques. Implementing the mentioned tactics can gear up any small businesses in the digital world.

As an entrepreneur, it is common to wonder where to start from. We’ve compiled a list of 12 of the best digital marketing tips that can help you start.

01. Optimize your website for responsiveness

Websites have become mandatory for businesses but in today’s era that’s not enough. We have come a long way and it is now more than just having a website online. With more and more consumers using the internet in various screen sizes responsivity is the need of the hour.

A well optimized responsive website runs the best in all forms of screens i.e. tablets, desktops, mobiles etc. This not only helps the users to navigate in a better manner but also helps them with the ease of browsing, ultimately establishing a smooth relation between the user and your brand.

02. Optimize for Search Engine

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs not be defined to anyone now! If you are present over internet and not available in search engines, why do you exist? Search Engines are the most go to medium for anyone using the internet and that’s quite obvious. You can find anything and everything there. That’s the reason search engines are growing so well, take for instance Google.

Optimizing your website such that it shows up on the Search engine ranking page (SERP) is must, so that when one searches for a relevant product/service your website shows up. For much more than just optimizing the website you can always go for professional digital marketing services.

03. Implement Link Building Activities

Link Building is a major part in Digital Marketing as it points a lot of users to your website. It refers to the process of acquiring links from external websites to your website. It works as a major factor for ranking your website in the Search engine ranking page (SERP).

One thing to keep in mind is that all links are not the same. It is very important that the links pointing to our website are from good websites (Good DA and PA value).

04. Create a Google My Business listing

No one can defy the importance of Google maps and being there is the best thing you can do to your business. Getting your business in there is simple and easy. Just create a Google My Business listing and once approved you are good to go!

One bonus that you get by creating a google my business page is that it also gives you an option to create a basic website, good enough to share information and updates to users, in case you are short in investing for a website. Apart from that it also provides a platform wherein you can show off the trust you gained from your customers via Google Reviews.

05. Research your Competitors

Every business has a competitor and it is quite possible that there are big sharks up there compared to your new business. But here is the advantage – Digital Marketing is equal and accessible to all! Keep an eye on your competitors, research them well, keep yourself updated on the steps they take and plan accordingly.

Research the backlinks they own, the PRs, their website, social media channels etc. This will give you a brief idea on how they are moving ahead in the game and eventually help you in defining your strategy.

Competitors Research can sometimes be very critical and confusing and it is always recommended to hire a digital marketing company to save time and effort.

06. Invest in Local Marketing

Local Markets are generally ignored in digital marketing as the scope it provides is too large for a newbie to understand. Why target the local market we live in if we can target overseas? That might work sometimes but why not start from the market you already know well?

Like Google My Business there are other search engine platforms providing local listing options, that can be tried out. Investing in an ad to target the local market via search ads or social media ads can be a good idea.

07. Include Content marketing into your SEO strategy

Content Marketing is a great way to produce more and more value around the globe and when you keep it centric to your particular niche it can actually work wonders.

The simplest way it can be implemented is just creating a blog page and updating it regularly. This will not only impart knowledge and information but will also display your expertise and eventually lead to more sales. Also, since it is free for you, you can do it for free and keep going.

08. Find the social media channel that’s best suited for your business

All social media channels are not good for all type of businesses. Research around it and check for the best social media channels to go for! Once listed prioritize them.

Social Media channels are ever changing, hence instead of landing together on all boats, start with a few. Determine the best channel according to your business and start with it. In order to win the social media game, you will surely need to dive in and keep yourself updated or hire a social media marketing company.

09. Encourage customers to leave online reviews

Online reviews are a masterstroke! Put right this can work wonders for you. It works multifold for your business. Firstly, online reviews can built the rapport of your business and secondly this can help drive in more sales for you.

Reviews help in conversion but be sure to moderate it timely. Clubbing this with other ORM (Online Reputation Management) techniques can help you grow your brand reputation manifold.

10. Consider Google Ads for Your Small Business

Google Ads are a great way to reach prospects that can be tough to be reached organically. Google is a huge platform with millions of user and using the advertisement feature exposes your brand to them. This can not only drive users to your website but can ultimately drive in sales.

Google Ads is evolving day by day. With the features it carry there are many ways we can target our preferred audience in the platform. It is always preferable to use them to reach your target audience.

11. Create Professional Visual Content for Social Media

Carrying a professional visual content can help you in many ways. A professional visual imparts the message that the brand is professional and should be treated so! Secondly, it helps users retain a memory of the brand. A proper brand guideline for your brand can help you achieve a better visual retainment in the memory of your prospects.

For detailed understanding of branding click here.

12. Develop Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great way to land directly in your prospects inbox. You can personalize your content for them, which cannot be done in generic condition. Also, marketing out to them personally increases the chance to get recognized and ultimately drive sales.

The Bottom Line

With all that said and a list to help you start, it is important for you to understand that these are just the initial steps that can be implemented. The sea is huge and gradual improvement with small steps is always the necessity. It is necessary that you think out of the box to get your brand highlighted and known. Only then you can expect to succeed.

The digital world is changing continuously and so should the strategies and tactics for your brand!

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