Recently, Digital Marketing has become a very important component in an organization’s overall marketing strategy. It has given everyone, especially the small businesses and personal brands the leverage to reach their potential clients with ease, who where otherwise out of competition in the shark’s market. But to use it efficiently we need to understand how it works and also the types of digital marketing practices available focused on different objectives.

This article is to help you learn more about the most effective types of digital marketing, their benefits and the way to make the best use of them.

Let’s dive into the topic without waiting!

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Being visible over the internet is vital in today’s date but what’s more important is to be found! The main motive of any organization should be to get found by their prospects. Search Engine Optimization helps your content to rank in the Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP).

    Anything you search over the most famous search Engine – Google is displayed according to the algorithms set by Google and for any other search engine respective to their algorithm. The ultimate motive of SEO is to increase traffic to any website by ranking higher in the SERP. There are various techniques included in SEO strategies in order to achieve the goal. A few of them are:

    – On Page SEO
    – Off Page SEO
    – Link Building
    – Content Indexing
    – Link Structuring
    – Keywords Targeting
  2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    Social Media Marketing (SMM) includes the marketing techniques used by businesses via social media channels. Social Media has a huge fan base and that can be used in a very strategic manner to drive traffic to your business page or website.

    Social Media Marketing includes much more than just posting and commenting in any social media platform. For effective marketing, there needs to be a good strategy in place executed accordingly. Social media marketing strategies needs to be creative, data driven and specific. Finalizing the target market is also a very essential part of SMM.

    Everyone is there in Social Media platforms and the major concern in this form of marketing is filtering out the unwanted, which only a good strategy can do!
  3. Content Marketing

    This is the best form of marketing in today’s era and can actually make a shift in the form of marketing any business practice. The internet is always hungry for knowledge and so are your prospects. Today, any problem faced by any individual calls for a google search at the first instance.

    In that case what about your prospects? They too are looking for information online. If you as a business can give them the answer to their questions, you surely will gain confidence. With such repetitive measures any business can acquire an authority in the market and mostly becomes a customer’s choice during decision making.

    Content Marketing is the method of sharing information in symbiosis with other digital marketing techniques to impart brand awareness and gain authority among the target audience.
  4. Email Marketing

    Email Marketing has been there since decades and we see it being there for decades in the future too! Email Marketing can never be obsolete with the importance it holds! Even with the emergence of so many social media platforms, mobile applications and many such mediums, emails are still important and remains one of the most effective form of marketing.

    Email Marketing is a form of marketing technique used to reach the target audience via emails. This can also be a part of a content marketing strategy, providing value to the target audience regularly and overtime converting them to customers.
  5. Instant Message Marketing

    Did you ever hear about SMS Marketing? That was the form of marketing every business used in the past where they used to reach our phone’s inbox with a message but with time that became obsolete due to the emergence of Instant messengers (IM).

    Besides a few known instant messengers such as WhatsApp and Telegram, almost all social media platforms have their direct messages and that can be well used for marketing. These IMs can be used to push offers, value, customer support and so on..

    Instant Message Marketing is a form of marketing wherein we use instant messengers to reach our potential customers and share value, knowledge, offers, support etc.
  6. Mobile Marketing

    Mobile Marketing is a form of digital marketing focused at reaching the target audience on their smartphones, tablets or any other such device through websites, mobile applications etc.

    This form of marketing can actually work well when tailored well. There are various forms of Mobile Marketing such as Mobile App marketing, In-game advertisements, Voice marketing etc..
  7. Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing is a form of online marketing where an affiliate is awarded for the respective goal achieved. It is a performance based marketing approach.

    In this form of marketing, the affiliates promote the products/services of the organization and gets rewarded for every conversion achieved. Influencer Marketing is also a form of Affiliate Marketing.
  8. Video Marketing

    Videos have turned to be the backbone of online marketing. YouTube has become the second most popular search engine platform and that is enough to understand how well users are responding to videos.

    Video Marketing is the form of digital marketing where videos are used to promote a brand’s product/service. It can help in reaching the audience with much more ease, pitching the product/service the business is offering.
  9. Audio Marketing

    Audio Marketing means using the medium of sound/voice to reach the target audience in order to increase brand awareness or pitch a sale.

    As one may consider this to be limited to radio, it has recently boomed! Audio marketing in today’s era can be done via podcasts, brand jingles etc. Any form of audio that connects you with a brand or it’s vision can be stated to be audio marketing.
  10. Paid Advertising

    With the increase in online users and organizations marketing their products/services, many fields have become saturated in terms of reach and conversions. In order to skip the queue paid advertising has taken over.

    Paid Advertising is an online advertising model where advertisers pay to get a particular spot over the internet. For example, Google offers paid advertising services to place ads in the search engine as well as it’s website network.

Since, Digital Marketing is a rapid updating space, everything that works now may get futile over time or something that doesn’t yield results now can work wonders in the near future. Being updated while strategizing can help!

Digital marketing gives liberty to small and medium businesses to reach audiences which was otherwise near to impossible for them. In today’s date Digital Marketing can work wonders for small scale businesses and to understand it better read here.

But in case this adds a load of burden and falls out of your core responsibility, hiring a digital marketing agency can be a good idea. Not only can they help you with SEO, social media marketing, paid advertising etc. but they can actually serve you with a package of all digital marketing services.

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